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About Garden Project Academy

Hi! I'm Eve Hanlin

I help new and experienced gardeners plan and design their successful gardening projects.

I'm a landscape designer and certified horticulturist from the PNW corner of the USA.

I've been teaching local classes and offering landscape design services for years, and am excited to now be creating online resources to help more people! Hence the beginning of Garden Project Academy


Garden Project Academy is my new online education company, which offers online workshops, courses, and resources to help you have a successful gardening or landscaping project.

I offer free live workshops, mini courses, and YouTube videos. Of course, I have paid offers too: an online landscape design course & coaching for do-it-yourselfers, and onsite design services in Clark County, WA, USA. My newsletter is a great way to stay involved if you want to hear when new resources are available for you! 

While I've been designing and teaching workshops for years, my online company is new. Through Garden Project Academy, I'm excited to be sharing resources and inspiration to make it easier for you to make the world a slightly better place, by starting in your own backyard.

There are many ways that plants and design can make the world a better place.

Actions taken in our own backyards can add up to a magnified positive impact.

Through Garden Project Academy, I hope to share resources and inspiration to make it easier for you to make the world a better place, by starting in your own backyard.

There are so many examples of positive backyard actions, it's hard to know where to start. But for now, I'm focusing on helping with LANDSCAPE DESIGN, because:

Design is the first step in the process.
Design outlines the goals of a space and defines what is possible.
A good design plan makes it easier for you to reach your backyard goals!

For now, these online design resources will mostly focus on "backyard" garden projects. Soon, I will provide more resources for those of us who don't have somewhere to dig! This is just the beginning.

Want to start leaning? Here are some ways I can help! 

Learn the steps to proper plant selection (how to put the right plant in the right place) in this on-demand, one-hour, online mini course!

Register to attend one of my free, upcoming, live workshops on various gardening and landscape design topics.

I offer landscape design services in Clark County WA, online landscape design coaching, and a design-your-own landscape course!

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How I Learned About Plants

I developed a passion for plants as a kid: I read gardening books from the library, and experimented with growing snapdragons in a window box. 

At 15, I had the opportunity to take the WSU Extension Master Gardener Program. After completing the training, I started volunteering as a Master Gardener at plant sales, events, classes, and conferences: I learned that there are many different ways that plants and gardening can create positive impact. 
Years of passion, growing plants, reading, trial and error, courses, and certifications followed.

I don't have a college degree in the horticultural field (though I actually just graduated with a business degree! Yay!). 
Some may judge my lack of "formal training," but I believe there are many other ways to learn and prove knowledge.

Here are a few highlights of my plant education:

• Years of experience growing things (with much trial and error)
• Over a decade of experience as a WSU Extension Master Gardener
• Certified for Permaculture Design by OSU
• Completed trainings like the Master Composter/Recycler Program, a Community Garden Administration Program, and a School Garden Coordinator Program 
• Started my side hustle dahlia farm & nursery in 2014
• Started my own business offering landscape design services in 2016
• And finally, I’m a Certified Professional Horticulturalist (by the Washington State Nursery & Landscaping Association). This essentially means I passed my state’s horticultural equivalent to the “bar exam,” so I can officially call myself a Horticultural professional. 

When I’m not filming online courses, designing landscapes, or coming up with too many other new ideas… I am probably reading, eating chocolate ice cream, or spending time with family on our small farm in Washington state.

Also, I am diagnosed with ADHD, and am always learning more about my weird brain (There are many myths and stigmas about ADHD: If you want to learn more, I recommend starting with Jessica McCabe’s YouTube Channel). 

I am excited to have just started Garden Project Academy, offering online courses, design resources, and inspiration to make it easier for you to make the world a better place, starting with projects in your own backyard.

Stay in the Loop

Follow the journey of Garden Project Academy, and learn about gardening & landscape design along the way!

I garden on Indigenous lands. Specifically, the lands of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, and the Cowlitz Indian Tribe

I teach subjects like urban foraging, and work hard to respect the knowledge of Indigenous Peoples by only teaching curriculum about how to forage for plants that were brought here (many colonizers brought plants that naturalized or became weeds) to not appropriate knowledge that does not belong to me. If I do refer to uses of native plants, I do so honoring where this knowledge comes from. There was a time when I didn’t understand this fully, and have since learned to do better.

The term “Backyard” (i.e. a patch of land we own) represents a construct with complex history. Not everyone has access to a "backyard" where they can garden. I hope that through Garden Project Academy, I can help you make the world a better place through plants wherever you are digging. 

Need to learn more about who's land you garden on? Here is a map that can help!

Your "Backyard" is an Opportunity

Did you know that a study done back in 2005 found lawn to be the largest irrigated crop cultivated in the USA?  I couldn’t tell you how it’s changed since then, and also, there are larger UN-irrigated crops...

However, I am sharing this to demonstrate something I believe to be so important:

The actions we take add up.

Unless you are a passionate lawn lover, you probably don't dedicate much mental energy to your lawn. Your kids or pets may enjoy it. You take care of it.

But consider this: just our lawns can add up to what is perhaps still THE LARGEST IRRIGATED CROP IN THE USA.

It is a small part of many people's daily lives. But small things, in everyone's yards, can really add up. Be it lawns, or whatever else.

If you are lucky enough to have a yard, as well as the opportunity to decide what to do with it, remember that even the small things are important.

Plant a fruit tree. Pick a flower bouquet and give it away to a stranger. Start a compost pile. Plant a native plant. Give away some of your backyard carrot harvest. The list goes on.

Definitely not a perfect concept, because of course, we should be taking big actions to fix all of the so so many big problems in the world. We need to take big actions, too, and not use small actions as an excuse to avoid the big ones.

However, you can still do something small, and it still counts. Small things are important. They add up.

This applies to all areas of life, of course, but we're here to talk about gardening and landscape design.

Ask yourself, "If everyone did this in their yard, would it make the world a better or worse place?"

Even small actions, in your own backyard, can add up to magnify good things.

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