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Free, Live, Online Workshop

Landscape Redesign 101

Planning a landscape renovation? Learn tips for navigating the design process, what a helpful landscape design plan includes, and common mistakes beginners need to avoid (all from a landscape designer)!

This workshop will help you feel prepared to navigate the process of bringing your dream landscape to life. 

Bring your questions, and look forward to completing a design activity in class!

Saturday, November 4th, 1 pm - 2:30 pm (PDT)


Thursday, November 9th, 4 pm - 5:30 pm (PST)

Free, register today to reserve your spot! (Limited to 50 live attendees)

Planning a landscape renovation (bigger than just a garden bed or two)?

In this workshop, you'll learn:

How to plan an authentic space that best meets your needs
Common mistakes people make right at the start, and how you can avoid them
When you need a landscape design plan, and when you don't
How much detail a helpful landscape design plan should include (without it being too much)
The steps to creating a landscape design plan
When you should hire a designer vs when you can design it yourself
About my course, Design-Your-Own Landscape Layout, and how to know if it's a good fit for you

We can only do so much in an hour and a half, but you will leave feeling more prepared, and with a better understanding of a successful landscape planning process.

ACTIVITY: To learn more about authentic design, I'll ask a few volunteers to share a dream future activity or goal for their landscapes, and we'll use them as examples to brainstorm creative design possibilities. 

Bring your questions for the Q&A: The last 20 minutes is dedicated to answering your questions.

Saturday, November 4th, 1 pm - 2:30 pm (PDT)


Thursday, November 9th, 4 pm - 5:30 pm (PST)

Your Workshop Instructor

Eve Hanlin

Hello! My name's Eve, and I help new and experienced gardeners plan and design their successful landscaping projects.

When I first started offering landscape design services, I quickly learned that simply offering my clients a design plan or a plant list was not enough help, because design plans inevitably change from conception to installation. It's all too common for a nursery to not have certain plants in stock, or for an obstacle (like a giant, underground rock) to require a complete design rearrangement... 

I learned my clients needed to be empowered with tools to make any needed changes along the way.

So I started teaching my clients how turn their ideas into a plan, select the right plants, and follow ecologically practical processes to install their dream design.

After almost a decade of offering local, in-person services, I am excited to now be creating online resources to help you design your own practical, affordable, and authentic landscape. This workshop is an introduction to this design process, and I am excited to help you start your landscape renovation successfully. 

Quick Facts:

Get ready to take notes, because this is not a boring, lengthy, tune-out Zoom meeting! Look forward to a creative, interactive workshop with activities to help you with your garden project.
I'm excited to help out! Bring your questions for Q&A at the end. Can't wait to meet you.
Free, live, and online (via Zoom).
Registration IS required! After registering, you'll get an email with a Zoom link. 

Frequently Asked Questions...

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How do I register?

Click here to register (and be sure to select "submit")!
Then watch for an email containing important event details.

If you don't receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please contact and let me know.

Do I have to show my face or talk in the workshop?

Not if you don't want to (But I hope you will say hello and ask your questions because I'd love to meet you)!
If you are feeling more introverted, you can turn your camera and sound off as you enter the meeting. After doing so, only your name and any Zoom profile image you may have uploaded in the past will be visible (Log into your Zoom account to make any changes to your name and profile before the meeting, if desired). 
If you would like to ask a question during the Q&A time, you can type it in the chat, unmute your microphone to speak, or turn on your camera (as you please). 
Attendees will also be able to see your name in the attendees list and in the chat, as well as anything you put in the public chat.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop will be recorded, so others can watch the replay. Please do not attend if you are not comfortable with this.

Will there be closed captions?

Yes! Using Zoom's automatic closed caption generator tool. 

Will there be a replay if I can't make it live?

Yes! If you can't make it live, please save a seat for someone else by registering for JUST the replay, here. It'll only be available for 3 days though, so be sure to enjoy it asap.

What is Garden Project Academy?

Offering online courses and resources to help you have a successful gardening or landscaping project. A landscape design project is an incredible opportunity to make the world a better place, by starting in your own backyard.

Check out FREE resources, like the YouTube channel, and the mini course: How to Choose the Perfect Plant.

I also offer a paid online course, Design-Your-Own Landscape Layout, which guides you through the process of creating a hand-drawn, to-scale plan for your dream yard (even if you are a beginner).

While I've been designing landscapes and teaching workshops for years, this online course business is new... You're here at the very beginning! Please let me know what you want to see next, and follow the journey by subscribing to the Garden Project Academy newsletter. It's the best way to stay involved if you want to hear when new resources are available for you.

What if I have another question? 

For other questions, please contact me at Thanks!


Free, live, & online! Limited to 50 spaces, so reserve your spot today!



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