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Free mini course


Learn how to put the right plant

in the right place, every time. 

Proper plant selection is critical for gardening successLearn what to consider before selecting a plant for your yard, books and online resources for finding plant possibilities, plus a checklist to speed up the plant research process.

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About This Mini-Course

Learn how to come up with ideas and research the perfect plant to fill that empty spot in your yard, even if you're new to gardening.

Choose the Perfect Plant, Every Time

Do you have a spot in your yard that needs a tree, shrub, or flower, but aren't sure which to choose? Need ideas, or help determining which plant will do best?  

This free, 1-hour, self-paced mini course shows you how to research plant ideas, and determine which plant is best for your yard: even if you're new to gardening!

What will I learn in this mini course?
Analyzing your yard for factors that will influence your plant choice. 
Tips and resources for quickly brainstorming plant possibilities.
Techniques for narrowing down possibilities to the perfect plant choice.


What You'll Get Out of This Course

By the end of this mini-course, you'll be able to choose the perfect plant for that empty spot in your yard. 

A plant site checklist so you don't forget anything important

Online and offline resources for finding cool plants, quickly

 A fast system for narrowing down plant options to the perfect one

A much more extensive landscape design course will be coming soon... We're so excited!

If you'd like to hear when it comes out, sign up for our waitlist!

Also, it's FREE 🪴

Because I want to help you choose the perfect plant!

About Eve Hanlin

Your Course Instructor/Designer

Hello! I'm a landscape designer and certified horticulturist from the pacific northwest corner of the USA. I've been teaching local classes and offering landscape design services for years, and am excited to now be creating online resources to help more people!

There are many ways that plants and design can make the world a better place. Even small actions, taken in our own backyards, can add up to a magnified positive impact. Through Garden Project Academy, I hope to share resources and inspiration to make it easier for you to make the world a slightly better place, by starting in your own backyard.