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Course FAQs: Design-Your-Own Landscape Layout

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How do I sign in?

Visit the course sign in page, here, and enter your email address and password.

I want to change/forgot my password?

 No problem! Go to the sign in page, here. Click “I forgot my password,” and follow the instructions. 

What if I forgot the email address I used to sign up?

Can you look up which email address your welcome email was sent to? That's the one you used to sign up.
Still can't find it? Go to the sign in page, here. Click “Forgot Password?” and enter the email address you think you may have used. If it's the right email address, you a password change request email will be sent to that address. If not, you will not receive an email. Once you find the account, proceed to update your password.

How do I unsubscribe from community and discussion notifications?

Go to your notification settings, here. You may need to sign in. Then, un-check BOTH boxes, and be sure to select "save"!

How do I unsubscribe from emails?

Besides the first few automatic emails you received when you first signed up, every other email will have an “unsubscribe” link at the very bottom of the email. This webpage may include an additional step, so be sure to follow it to confirm your subscription.

How long do I have access to this course?

Three years from the sign up date, or approximately 1095 days. 

Do I have to watch the course at certain times?

Nope! This video course is always available online, sign in any time to watch it. Take breaks and return to it whenever you want!

Can I access this course on my phone?

Yes! Just follow the link to sign in through your browser on your phone.

What is the refund policy? Privacy policy? Other terms and conditions?

Consult terms and conditions, here.

Consult privacy policy, here.

Questions? Contact

What if I have additional questions?

 You can email us at



To view the transcript of every video, turn on the closed captions, then click on the little arrow on the captions when they appear. This will pull up a searchable transcription. If there is anything else I can do to help, please email

Closed captions?

There is a "CC" (closed captions) button at the bottom of any course video to turn on English closed captions. Right now, the course is just in English, though I am so excited to offer additional languages as the business grows. Please send a request for additional languages at
If there is ever a video missing this CC button, apologies, please let me know via and I'll get it fixed! Sometimes the video settings can be a bit glitchy and mistakes are made.

Ideas for improvements? Accommodations?

Please reach out! I am always learning new ways to support people online and in this subject area, and I don't have all the technological skills I wish I had, but it is extremely important that everyone be feel welcome and included. So if there is a way I can make these products better to help you feel more welcome and comfortable and have a great time, please please let me know! Email 


How do I log into the community?

Visit the course sign in page, here, and enter your email address and password. Scroll down below your courses and you'll find your communities! If a community is missing, please reach out to 

What are the community rules? 

Sign in to the community, and select the "space" on the left with "rules" in the title. The post pinned to the top of the feed includes the rules: be sure to select "see more" and read them all! They are subject to change at any time. Here is a SUMMARY of a few important rules, though read the full rules prior to using the community:

-Be sure to post in the correct "space" to help us stay organized! (Do your best)
-Please keep everything relevant to the course and its topics.
-No plant identification pictures or super regionally specific questions. 
-Answers aren't guaranteed: The community is simply a place for... community! Reach out to
-Please help cultivate a kind, polite, and supportive community: This means being kind, encouraging, and supportive in all actions. Treat others as you would wish to be treated. No bad words. Disagreements and constructive criticism are a healthy part of a community, particularly when backed by credible sources/research, and approached with kindness. No advertising, spam, promoting, and politics.
-Consider paying it forward: When you ask a question, perhaps answer a question or two (or comment something supportive if you don't know the answer).

This is an optional, public space and by interacting in it, you understand that you are entirely responsible for the experience you have.Garden Project Academy LLC cannot constantly monitor the content and actions taken within this group. 
-Other question or comments?

What should I post in the community?

This is a place to say hello, ask questions, share your homework activity progress, anything else that closely relates to the course materials. 
(NO plant id posts or regionally specific questions, please! These are best asked elsewhere, because your peers may not be able to help with them).

How do I learn more about using the community?

Be sure to watch all of the tech tutorials. If you have any additional questions, reach out to

Do I need to participate in the community?

Nope! The community is optional, though sometimes fun and helpful. 

What can get me kicked out of the community, and then what happens?

We reserve the right to kick anyone out of the community at any time for any reason. We will kick people out for being mean, or repeatedly breaking the rules. To read the group rules, sign in to the community, and select the "space" on the left with "rules" in the title. The post pinned to the top of the feed includes the rules: be sure to select "see more" and read them all!
If you get kicked out of the community, we will notify you, and we may delete some or all of your posts, comments & activity without recovery. In this case, you will not lose access to the online course material, just the community space. You will not receive any refunds, since the community is a privilege and only meant to supplement the main course. 

How do I report a problem?

Please email


How long will it take me to complete this course?

This course is designed to be completed over 5 weeks, though some people take less or more time. It is up to you to decide how much time to spend on the homework activities and course materials.

Who teaches the course?

Your instructor is Eve Hanlin (founder of Garden Project Academy), a horticulturist and landscape designer from the Pacific Northwest corner of the United States. Learn more about Eve, here!

What is the outcome of this course?

I'll guide you through the process of creating a hand drawn, to-scale, landscape design layout plan. I'll provide steps and helpful resources, but remember: it is up to you to do the work and make the map! It is up to you to decide what is best for you and your yard.